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Spring Break 2019!

Spring Break is around the corner! And POC is the place to be for great fishing! Trout, Reds, Flounder, and Black Drum are plentiful. Kayaking and Birding are also becoming popular activities in our area; and our Kingfisher Beach has been expanded and is looking fantastic! So if you can make your way to POC, Spring Break is a perfect time to come. Rentals are still available but filling up quickly. Hope to hear from you soon!


POC Front Beach

POCO Bueno is Here!!

Poco Bueno is a family-run fishing tournament held every summer in Port O’Connor, Texas. It was founded in 1969 by Walter W. Fondren III and some of his close friends who all fished out of Port O’Connor. Walter believed that Blue Marlin fishing would be a fun way to draw attention to the incredible resources that Port O’Connor had to offer the recreational fisherman.

The name Poco Bueno came about when Walter remembered a slang term in Spanish (poco bueno) that roughly translates to “it’s ok.”

Thirteen boats registered for that first year. In 1985, an Inshore Division was added in order to accommodate the overwhelming desire of Redfish and Trout anglers to participate. With the growing popularity of fly fishing on the Texas coast, a Fly Fishing Division was added in 2009.

In the years since, Poco Bueno has included as many as 115 offshore boats and 120 inshore teams. Through the years, it has kept its original spirit – a group of friends gathering to promote the sport fishing of Port O’Connor, Texas.