• Coan Retreat

    Coan Retreat

  • Vista de la Bahia

    Vista de la Bahia

  • Dolphin Lodge

    Dolphin Lodge

  • Gumina Paradise

    Gumina Paradise

  • Dees Galley

    Dees Galley

  • Bates House

    Bates House

  • Dubois House

    Dubois House

  • Casa O Connor

    Casa O Connor

  • GK Bay

    GK Bay

  • Taylors Place

    Taylors Place

  • Burnett House

    Burnett House

  • Pirates Cove # 7

    Pirates Cove # 7

For those wanting direct access to the fishing waters of Port O’Connor or Matagorda Bay, these homes offer boat slips — many with lifts — allowing you and your party to get fishing sooner!